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Varanasi Travel, Varanasi Tour Packages, Varanasi Tourism, Varanasi Sightseeing: Varanasi or Banaras is among the oldest cities of India. This town has discovered place in the Buddhist scriptures also the epic of Mahabharata. In Pali language Varanasi was called Banarasi therefore it acquired the title 'Banaras'. Varanasi can be referred to as 'Kashi' or the town of spiritual light. Kashi will be the location exactly where Shiva and Parvati stood when the "time began ticking".

This historical city of India is located on holiest river of India--Ganga. This relation is exclusive and has attracted a large number of pilgrims. One theory also goes that Varanasi is situated about the land among the river Varuna and Assi therefore the identify Varanasi.

This town also has its location in background with a lot of events and incidents becoming associated with it. From time immemorial Varanasi is the middle of training, religion, artwork and culture. For each visitor Varanasi has distinct experiences to offer you. The shimmering red and golden water with the Ganges when rays of dawn falls on them, the high banks, the temples, the Ashrams, the pavilions all are an encounter in by themselves.

Chanting of Mantras, the hymns together with the fragrance of incense in fills the air with mysticism which entrails every single person. The refreshing dip within the Ganges with the splashing of water along the ghats-- in Varanasi discovery and encounter takes to the greatest bliss.

Not only for its temples, Ghats and Ganges Banaras has created numerous exponents of artwork, audio, literature and crafts. These individuals had been not unique from other people but it was the tradition of Banaras which moulded them inside the way they arrived out to become. Why only the luminaries, Varanasi has excelled in the art of silk weaving. The Banarasi silk sarees and brocades are cherished as collector's products across the world.

As a eternal town with wealthy and vibrant previous, it's got no exquisitely carved palaces, no impregnable fort no architectural splendour but still the city has an inherent charm of its personal.The ghats dotted with temples, the maze of alleys along the ghats, what at any time Varanasi has is enough to entice the visitor once again and once again. The town which didn't die even following being plundered many times in is actually a true perception a intriguing area to wander about.

Prime Points of interest of Varanasi
Religious Locations
The Ghats Of Varanasi

During this historic city of pilgrimage, the bathing ghats are principal attraction. People today flock here in huge numbers every day to consider bath and worship within the temples constructed beside the river financial institution. Centuries old custom to present puja towards the increasing Sun is nonetheless taken care of.

St. Mary's Church
Situated within the cantonment region of Benaras (Varanasi) the St. Mary's Church has a lower tower, spire and projecting poitico. As opposed to windows tile, church has louvred doors towards the sides and hooded ventilation slots beneath the cornice.

The Kashi Vishwanath Temple / Gyanvapi Mosque
This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It can be popularly recognized as the golden Temple because of the Gold plating completed on its fifteen.5 meter large spire. One tonne of gold donated by Maharaja Ranjit Singh has long been utilized within the gold plating with the spire. The temple was destroyed inside the different invasions and was rebuilt in 1776 by Rani Ahilyabai of Indore.

Bharat Mata Temple
This temple is dedicated to Mother India. Just 1 kilometer through the Varanasi station. The temple is built in the Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth which was constructed by Babu Shiv Prasad Gupt. This temple was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi in 1936 so that the citizens could respect Mother India in statue form. The statute is constructed in marble. The statue is often a replica of undivided India in three dimension which has the mountains, plains and oceans in correct proportion.

Tulsi Manas Temple
This temple is devoted to Lord Rama. The temple is built within the place exactly where Goswami Tulsidas composed the epic 'Ramacharitramanas' which offers us with comprehensive description of the background and deeds of Lord Rama. Tulsi Manas Temple was constructed by a philanthropist family members in 1964.

Durga Temple
Constructed within the 8th century, the Durga temple is among the most crucial temples in Varanasi. This temple is built in Nagara Style. The shikhara from the temple is formed by lots of small spires that are constructed one on leading from the other.

Nepali Temple
The King of Nepal had constructed this temple on Lalita ghat in Nepali type. The Nepali temple can be known as the 'Kathwala temple'. The temple has some superb woodwork. Tourist from all over the world arrive just to see this temple which has no comparison with any other temple in India. The workers who carved this temple out were brought from Nepal. The wood utilised within the temple is additionally found in Nepal. The speciality of this wood is that termites don't eat this wood.

Other Sights of Varanasi
Benaras Hindu University

This will be the largest and oldest university in north India. Spread more than an area of 2,000 acres, this good location of schooling was established by Pt. Madan Mohan Malaviya. Currently the campus has faculties of Arts, Science, Music, Sanskrit, Languages, Engineering, Stats and Medical to identify a few of them.

The university also has the enormous Vishwanath temple which was constructed and maintained by the Birla family. The Sunderlal Health middle has all the contemporary amenities of medical discipline is also situated in the university campus.

Nandeshwar Kothi
Nandeshwari Kothi, designed by James Prinsep can be a typical constructing from the early 19th century in Benaras.

Jantar Mantar
The ruler of Jaisingh constructed an observatory in Varanasi in line with those constructed in Delhi, Mathura, Ujjain and Jaipur observatories. The Varanasi observatory has all the instruments which had been necessary to document the movement , pace and properties of various stars and planets as well as other cosmic objects. The observatory was constructed in 1600 and still the instruments give the precise measurements which may match any modern day instrument.

Excursions of Varanasi

Chunargarh of 'Chandrakanta', the traditional novel by Babu Devakinandan Khatri is 40 kms from the town of Varanasi. These days the location is recognized as Chunar. Along among the meanders of Ganges, where the Kaimur Hills are taking a North face, are constructed the imposing fort of Chunar.

About ten kms from Varanasi, is the location exactly where lord Buddha after enlightenment gave his first sermon or as the Buddhist say set the wheel of dharma or law rolling. Today Sarnath is considered as one of the richest place to possess antiques given that the Ashoka time period towards the 12th century. Recommended reading about the Buddhist places in Uttar Pradesh.

In 1360 Feroz Shah constructed this town to guard the eastern facet of his Delhi sultanate. Jaunpur is located 65 kms from Varanasi. Jaunpur is bisected by the river Gomti and the two sides are connected by the enormous Akbari Bridge. This bridge was created by an Afghan and was built in the 16th century. The fifteen stone arches with the bridge have withstood earthquakes and floods.

Within the southern finish with the bridge is the sculptures of a lion tussling with an elephant. This marked the provincial milestone. Other places to pay a visit to in Jaunpur are Sheetla Chowkia Dham, Yamdagni Ashram, Atla Mosque and Char Anguli ki Masjid.

There are several Shaktipeeths in India. These are the locations where the Goddess of energy is mentioned to become residing and men and women worship her viz- Goddess Durga. Vindhyachal is one of this kind of peeths or abode of Shakti. The location is 90 kms from Varanasi. The temples of Vindhyavasini Devi, Asthbhuja and Kalikhoh really are a have to go to here.

The mention of this town may be observed inside the Mahabharata. It truly is stated the Pandav brothers lived right here. Budhha visited this place quite a few times along with the gave sermons after his enlightenment in 6th and 9th century. Kaushambi created as being a major center for Buddhism. The ruins of an previous fort tells the saga with the towns antiquity. Kaushambi is 185 kms from Varanasi.

Chandra Prabha Wildlife Sanctuary
Established in 1997,Chandra Prabha Sanctuary, a modest sanctuary sprawling more than an region of 78 sq. kms, is situated on Naugarh and Vijaigarh hillocks in Vindhya forest assortment, in Chandauli district.

Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary
Kaimoor sanctuary, situated to the Uttar Pradesh - Bihar border, is spread over an region of 500 sq. kms.

Locations to stay in Varanasi
Most of the Varanasi city is nicely equipped with the most distinctive and innovative hotel accommodation. You will discover tourist lodges, mid-range and Dharamshalas also readily available at resonable costs.

Tips on how to get there
Varanasi has its personal airport which can be 22 Kms from the town. The Babatpur airport connects Varanasi with all the main metropolitan areas in India and recently there continues to be a proposal to initiate UP Air that will connect the town with other places inside the state. Varanasi has the Cant railway station as its major station. This is actually a major railway junction and connects the metropolis with main locations in India.

Thus, the place is effectively linked by roads to all the corners of the nation. Varanasi provides some superior marketplace for a lot of products. Individuals arrive right here for the temples in major amount and main inflow of visitors is dealt with from the bus providers from Varanasi to other places in state and outdoors it.

Fairs & Festivals of Varanasi
Kartik Purnima

Celebrated within the month of November-December is the sacred day, once the ghats of Varanasi arrive alive with a large number of brightly-lit earthern lamps.

Buddh Purnima
This festival is celebrated with pomp and gaiety in Sarnath. This day Lord Buddha was born. A huge fair is held in Sarnath along with the relics of Buddha are taken out in a procession for public viewing on this day. Buddh Purnima is celebrated during the month of Could.

Ganga Festival
A festive expertise like none other awaits you at Ganga Festival at Varanasi.

The Ramlila
The Ramlila of Ramagar is famous far and wide. The Ramlila is based to the Ramcharitramanas by Tulsidas. The month ling festival is usually held during October / November and it sees the performance of a lot of historical rituals.

Bharat Milap
About Dussehra a fair is held in Nati Imli which celebrates the return of Lord Rama from 14 years of exile. His reunion with his younger brother Bharat is celebrated as Bharat milap. This festival is attended from the king of Kashi in royal flavour. The festival is attended by at least a million devotees. Held inside the month of October / November.

Hanumat Jayanti
This festival is celebrated to mark the birth with the monkey God Hanuman . The 5 day long festivities are held at the Sankat Mochan temple. During this festival a lot of plays are staged based to the Saraswati, Ram , Krishnalila and Hanuman Charitra.

This festival once again is based to the Ramayana. The episode within the epic exactly where the sister of Ravana tries to influence Lakshmana to marry her but rather Lakshman chops off her nose. On hearing this Ravana vows revenge against the brothers. This incidence within the epic is among the reasons why Sita was abducted by Ravana. The festival is held in Chetganj with much fan fair.

Though Mahashivratri is celebrated throughout India, Varanasi has some particular charm within the celebration the festival. During the festival a procession is taken out from your Maha-Mritunjaya temple to Kashi Viswanath Temple.

Panch Koshi Parikrama
The procession has obtained the name since it passes through 5 places. These five places are Kardmeshwar, Bhimchandi, Rameshwar, Shivpur and Kapildhara. The parikrama has special importance within the ancient parikramas of India. The procession starts and ends at Manikarnika Ghat

Climate in Varanasi
Varanasi has a extreme style of climate. Situated besides the Ganges Varanasi may be difficult location to visit during the summers. Summers are really hot and temperatures shoot upto 46 degrees and winter could be cold with mercury dipping down to 5 degrees.

This location may be a definitely bad during the rainy seasons and is advisable not to visit Varanasi during monsoons. The ideal season to pay a visit to Varanasi during September to March.